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Spread the Glitz

April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

If anybody has an enterprising mind, it must be Cathie Bortz, founder, owner, designer, marketing manager, and CEO – all rolled in one – of “Couture Embellishments by the buckle boutique”. For the stay-at-home-mom business has quickly developed into a company with international partners. Having started in 2006 embellishing flip-flops and designing specialty buckles at her kitchen table in Cypress, Texas, Cathie has taken even bigger steps only recently.

Customers are greeted by a warmhearted lady whose specialties are accessories and crafting materials that incorporate rhinestones. Accordingly, the trade show stand of The Buckle Boutique at the CHA Show in Anaheim, California, where I first met Cathie, was all glitz and glamor in a very tasteful way. The buckles made for wonderful accents on fashion articles and scrapbooking pages. And the newly developed rhinestone paper simply astonished as to its versatility, sometimes just as a cheeky accent on a cellphone, sometimes turning the soles of high heels into a seductive eye catcher.

“The first big order for my rhinestone paper came from Europe,” remembers Cathie, who also has an undergraduate degree in Business. After having established herself in the US, she ventured into exhibiting at her first large international show in Europe. Creativeworld 2013 had been booked out already, but Cathie decided she might still work it well at the sister trade show Paperworld in the surroundings of greeting cards and gift wrapping supplies. Her stand certainly was absolutely stylish with its elegant decor. And whether she offers her imaginative creations B-2-B or to the international retail – Cathie steps it up for customers any size. “Because we are a small company, we can bring new products to the market much faster than larger businesses”, smiles Cathie. “When I find something that I think is unique and our customers will like, we post it on Facebook and get feedback from the retailers that same day. We can then have it available for purchase within about two weeks!”” Having grown way beyond “just” buckles and believing in her mantra “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, Cathie will keep spreading the Glitz internationally with glamorous ideas of all kinds.


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